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Dealing with Interruptions

Lyman A. Montgomery August 31, 2017

Preventing interruptions and zeroing in on your goals.



In our fast-paced world, time is a valuable resource we could not waste. That is why it is important that we avoid interruptions, especially when we are tasked to reach a certain goal or perform a certain duty. Here are some ways to avoid interruptions.

Manage your time by using . . .


How to Organize Your Home

Lyman A. Montgomery August 24, 2017

Got a messy home? Get organized with these simple tips.

A clean and well-organized house says a lot about those who live in it. As John Wesley said in his sermon, cleanliness is indeed next to Godliness. Organizing and cleaning might sound like menial tasks, but they make a big impact in keeping your space looking its best.

Clean and organized environme . . .


An Organized and Focused Mind

Lyman A. Montgomery August 17, 2017

5 easy to follow ways to staying organized and focused.


Many of us find it difficult to organize our minds and stay in focus. It is too easy to be distracted and fall into the trap of procrastination. (Cat videos are just too funny!)

We can’t become Zen masters overnight, but we can take small, simple steps every day to becoming . . .


How to Get Focused

Lyman A. Montgomery August 10, 2017

Five easy ways to get focused.

Getting focused might sound easy, but it’s actually one of the most challenging things we have to deal with. When we don’t have the right mind-set, the slightest distraction can cause us to lose focus, and procrastination becomes a real threat.

Here are a few tips to help you get focused and stay on track.

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Root Causes of Procrastination

Lyman A. Montgomery August 3, 2017

Avoid these three roots of procrastination.

As much as we don’t want to admit it, we all procrastinate. We often give petty reasons to place a task aside and do something less important. What’s even more problematic is that technology has made procrastination more tempting. The hours spent mindlessly scrolling through our Facebook walls and refreshing . . .