Dealing with Interruptions

Lyman A. Montgomery August 31, 2017

Preventing interruptions and zeroing in on your goals.




In our fast-paced world, time is a valuable resource we could not waste. That is why it is important that we avoid interruptions, especially when we are tasked to reach a certain goal or perform a certain duty. Here are some ways to avoid interruptions.

Manage your time by using an interrupters log. Interrupters rob you of your energy and time which causes unnecessary delays in your schedule. By using a simple interrupters log, you will know what kind of interruptions or which people take the most of your time. You can create a simple table out of your Microsoft Excel, or a table in Microsoft Word. Here is an example:

Aside from the purpose of time management and planning, an interrupters log can also be used as a study of which interrupters use up much of your time. It will also reflect the things that you prioritize based on the things that you put the highest mark on in the urgency column.

This would give you an idea on what times you should set in your schedule as “available” for meetings, consultations, and whatnots, and on what crucial times you would be “unavailable” for any other appointments.

If the interrupter is not another person, it might be possible that it is you who is interrupting yourself. And one of the greatest interrupters that we employ against ourselves is our gadgets, more specifically, our phones and the Internet.

But instead of being an interrupter, you can turn your phone into a tool that would help you achieve your goals on time. For one, you could use it as a timer and an alarm clock. Setting short breaks in between, helps you endure longer hours of work.

Another important thing is to develop your focus while you are working. One important thing that would keep you focused on the task at hand is by keeping your end goal in mind. Keep your vision, and imagine yourself working towards that goal.

Visualizing is important because it gears your brain toward whatever it is that you are trying to do. It is proven and used by athletes: most of them imagine winning whatever sport they’re playing and then work in reverse from that winning moment. Aside from giving directions to your brain, visualizations also prepare your body physically.

And lastly, practice self-discipline, because no other technique will help if you can’t stop yourself from checking your social media accounts every five minutes or so. Some simple tricks include doing the task at hand immediately. Stop putting off something that you could do now. Waiting for motivation, or for things to “feel just right” is detrimental. Remember that motivation is wavering and could take hours, if not days, to come. Or better yet, create your own system of motivating yourself. Set benchmarks and give yourself small rewards for accomplishing certain steps.

Most importantly, don’t give up when you get sidetracked, interrupted, or distracted. Forgive yourself and keep striving for that goal until you get it.

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