How to Get Focused

Lyman A. Montgomery August 10, 2017

Five easy ways to get focused.


Getting focused might sound easy, but it’s actually one of the most challenging things we have to deal with. When we don’t have the right mind-set, the slightest distraction can cause us to lose focus, and procrastination becomes a real threat.

Here are a few tips to help you get focused and stay on track.



Confucius, the great Chinese philosopher, once said, “He who chases two rabbits catches none.” Sometimes, we get so caught up in doing so many things that we don’t even realize that we’re not focusing on our goals. What’s even worse is that we might end up not giving 100 percent of our efforts because we have so much on our plate. Figure out what you should prioritize and give all your energy and effort to achieving it.



Organize, literally and figuratively. Keep your day organized with a planner so you won’t miss a meeting and keep your table clean so you won’t waste time looking for a missing document. You should also organize your mind and de-clutter your thoughts. Having way too much on your mind and overthinking makes it difficult to focus.


Be Aware of Things That Distract You

Distractions are everywhere, and they can stop you from pursuing your goals. It’s important that you become aware of the things that can easily distract you so you know what to do with them. This way, you can easily manage the distractions that you have control over, like your phone or accessing your social media accounts. For those that you can’t control, such as people walking past you as you work, you can still keep your focus by knowing that you shouldn’t spend too much attention on them.


Manage Your Energy

Usually, we finish mindless tasks first before we get into tasks that require a lot of mental effort. This can be draining, causing us to lose a lot of energy and even lowering our focus. Try to finish the tasks that demand concentration and creativity early on and finish easier tasks later. This also simplifies the way we work. We get the important tasks done first, and then spend less effort on menial things.


Ask for Help

Having someone to help you get focused is a big advantage. This can be a workmate, a loved one, or a friend who can give you proper advice and send you off on the right track. They can also be a great source of inspiration to stay in focus.


Like a camera lens, we constantly have to adjust our focus to keep a clear view of our goals. It’s important to keep the right perspective to get focused. This is a skill that we can work on and the better we become at it, the easier it is to get and stay in focus.


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