How to Organize Your Home

Lyman A. Montgomery August 24, 2017

Got a messy home? Get organized with these simple tips.


A clean and well-organized house says a lot about those who live in it. As John Wesley said in his sermon, cleanliness is indeed next to Godliness. Organizing and cleaning might sound like menial tasks, but they make a big impact in keeping your space looking its best.

Clean and organized environments are also beneficial for your health—physical and mental. There’s nothing more distracting and distressing than a filthy, cluttered environment, while there’s nothing more relaxing and centering than a tidy space.

Of course, keeping your home organized is easier said than done for most people when there’s so much to do every day. But there are a few things you can change around in your home to help keep things tidy.

Kitchen and Pantry

  • Dump your drawers out and sort through the kitchen utensils, gadgets, and other items that you have. Toss any broken kitchen tools; a well-organized house has no space for these things.
  • Make the most of your drawers by using a drawer separator and flatware holder. Keep the most-used utensils on hand by placing them at the front of the drawer. Seldom-used gadgets and utensils can go in the back. Decide if you want to keep unused gadgets or scrap them.
  • You can use hooks to hang your pots and place items like knives on magnet mounts to save space.
  • Clean out your pantry every month. It’s best you make an inventory of what you have so you can keep track of supplies and when they expire.
  • Group similar food items. Stack canned goods together. Put rice, pasta, and other dry goods in one corner and keep your baking ingredients in one container. Use clear plastic containers so you can easily see what you have in your pantry.
  • Always clean out your fridge. Fresh produce goes to the vegetable drawer, meats, and other more perishable items go into the freezer.


  • Towels can be stowed away under the sink cabinet or in baskets. Adding shelves or racks over the toilet can give you more space to organize. Toilet supplies like tissue paper are best kept in the bathroom for easy access.
  • A well-organized house has personal space for everyone. Keep everyone’s toiletry items organized by assigning a toiletry basket for each person. You can also give everyone their own glass to keep their toothbrush in. Personalize these by adding names or by color coding.
  • Hair products and items like sprays, gels, sprays, combs, dryers, and curlers can take up a lot of bathroom space. Store these away under the sink or inside bathroom cabinets. Products that have not been used for a long time should be disposed of.

Bedroom and Office

  • Make use of the space under your bed to store footwear, bedsheets, and additional clothing. Get one of those flat organizers and keep them under your bed. Keep chargers, reading glasses, and other small items inside your bedside drawer to avoid clutter.
  • The best way to organize and maximize your closet space is by hanging your clothes. If your closet only has one hanging rack, you might want to have another one installed. You can easily see your clothes and won’t need to unfold and refold them over and over again. Keep underwear and socks in drawers. Folded clothes should be grouped together. Shirts with other shirts, pants with other pants. A well-organized house is not complete without a well-organized closet.
  • A small bookshelf can be a big help in organizing, as well as a nice addition to your furnishing. Place all your documents and papers in binders and keep them in the shelves. Think of this space as a go-to area when you need important information like addresses, phone numbers, and official papers. Keep your chargers in small baskets to avoid having wires all over the place. You can even place a power strip close to your work space so you can easily charge your devices.


Living and Dining Room

  • Have some space in between the furniture. This makes the room look less cramped. Remember not to keep too much furniture around; you want just a few useful, attractive pieces. Keep your remotes in a decorative box. Take them out when you need them and remember to put them back in. A few personal items, such as photos and little decorative details, can help give the space a homier feel.
  • Push chairs back into the dining table to save space. For special dinning sets, you can keep them in a display to add to the dining room’s aesthetic or store them away in a kitchen cupboard if you don’t have a lot of space in the dining room. Most of us often use the dining table as a work space, so always make it a point to clean up afterwards.


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