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About the Book

In this age of information and technology, distractions come in leaps and bounds. Everywhere you go, you’re distracted by catchy headlines, attention-grabbing adverts, modern-day trends, social media, and more.

Countless stimuli attack you at every angle, leaving you reeling and all over the place.

Focused-Driven Lifestyle teaches you how to take control of your life and remove the distractions that stop you from achieving your goals. Let author and renowned focus consultant Lyman A. Montgomery, MBA, guide you through a positive journey to “focus your mind, organize your life, and gain control of your time!”

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About the author

Lyman A. Montgomery, MBA, founded Life with a Focus LLC to help professionals, companies, and organizations raise the quality of their work and turn their goals into reality through the promotion of a focus-driven lifestyle.

He is an accomplished speaker and focus consultant. In 2016, Lyman received the Speaking Empire Best Presenter Award and the Empowered Leader Award. His success was recognized by Business Innovators Magazine, an online business resource that interviews leading figures in the business world.

Lyman is the author of Shattered Masks: 7 Masks We Wear and the coauthor of 7 Minutes 2 Success and The 7 Minute Lifestyle Journal.


Most of us simply have too much to do, we are too “wired” and we are too bombarded with information, decision, and more. Approximately half of us are burned out because we’re trying to do too much and because we’re struggling just to keep afloat. The irony is that we end up achieving less the more we try and squeeze in and as such, we can never get ahead. However, there is an answer, and there are ways around these problems.

The secret is developing a lifestyle of focus. It might sound like a small thing but staying focused is essential in today’s noisy environment. By staying focused and keeping on top of all that information, those massive to-do lists and your calendar, you can take each challenge one step at a time. You can automate some of the work that is taking up the most time and energy; you can delegate, and you can find better ways to think about the problems and challenges that come up.

Your behavior is shaped by your habits which are directed by your daily actions (rituals), which begin with your thoughts.

One of the most important tolls for organizing your time is to know your goals. When you know your goals, this allows you to prioritize things a lot more quickly.

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